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AccuCast, Inc. will be offer a handpicked line of Individual and Personal Security products for the discriminating customer.


Bench Made Knife Company

BenchMade Model 100SH20 Fixed Blade River/Dive is a reality of performance fueled by the incessant exposure to liquid assets. The steel blade is impervious to the elements and highly corrosion resistant, even in salt water. Tip design is sharp enough to be useful, yet blunt enough to be predictable. And the modern sheath design escalates tool performance.

Blade Length: 3.25"                                                Blade Thickness: 0.115"
Blade Material: X15 T.N Stainless Steel                 Blade Hardness: 58-60HRC
Blade Style: Bull Nose                                           Weight: 4.00oz.Clip: Sheath Included
Lock Mechanism: Fixed                                         Overall Length: 7.50"
Closed Length: 7.50"
Sheath Material: Molded Kydex® w/ Lash-Tab Clip Assembly
Class: Blue

RETAIL PRICE:        $160.00        Yellow or Black

Bench Made Model 140 Nimravus Fixed Blade will help you keep your options open… Two modern tip designs tower like obelisks in an endless spew of would-be challengers. Their use of full-tang, premium grade steel consciously dissuades any fear of tool failure. Machine sculpted handle scales and protruding tang dish out a keen, tactile grip for finite control. Sheath design helps to bring out overall tool performance as well. NSN 1095-01-466-8569

Blade Length: 4.50"                                                              Blade Thickness: 0.115"
Blade Material: 154CM or M2 Steel                                       Blade Hardness: 58-60HRC for 154CM, 60-62HRC for M2
Blade Style: Modified Tanto                                                  Weight: 6.20oz.

RETAIL PRICE:        $160.00    (140BK & 140SBK)    $170.00       (140HS & 140SSR)

Bench Made Model 155 Fixed Blade Predsidio Osborne needs No contrived endorsements here. Don’t need ‘em. It’s a pure interpretation of cutting efficiencies nicely engineered into a formidable fixed blade. A single piece, full-tang slab of steel proficiently machined with multiple serrations and a keen edge to easily go the distance in today’s world. Aluminum handle scales are machined with a no-slip tread pattern do their part to carry the performance load of the business end. A soft sheath makes tool carry convenient.

Blade Length: 6.20"                                                           Blade Thickness: 0.180"
Blade Material: 154CM                                                       Blade Hardness: 58-60HRC                                                                Blade Style: Modified Clip-Point                                          Weight: 9.92oz.   
                                                         Clip: No Clip                                                                        Lock Mechanism: Fixed
Overall Length: 11.20"                                                       Closed Length: 11.20"
Sheath Material: Ballistics Nylon w/ Folder Pouch            Class: Black

RETAIL PRICE:        $190.00    155BK or 155SBK

Bench Made Model 2550 Mini-Reflex Automatic features all the utility of a Drop-Point blade and the on-duty toughness you expect. Pocket friendly size machined aluminum handle, intelligently designed for secure grip. Removable steel carry-clip. For a great everyday duty carry, the Mini-Reflex is a natural.

Blade Length: 3.20"                                                        Clip: Black, Removable, Tip-Up
Lock Mechanism: Auto Open w/ Safety                        Overall Length: 7.40"
Closed Length: 4.20"                                                      Sheath Material: Sold Separately
Blade Thickness: 0.100"                                                 Blade Material: 154CM
Blade Hardness: 58-60                                                  Blade Style: Drop-Point
Weight: 2.40oz.                                                              Class: Black

RETAIL PRICE:        $190.00        2550 & 2550S
RETAIL PRICE:        $200.00        2550BK & 2550SBK

Bench Made Model 3200 Pardue Automatic performance goes undercover in great design and good looks. Compact size and slim profile come up big on carry comfort, even in active situations. Clip-Point blade style is honed for finite control and toughened for edge sharpness. Push-button actuated with integrated safety for positive lock-up open or closed. A racy, machined aluminum handle fills the hand with grip without stuffing your pocket. Texture G10 inlay provides added traction. Sleek steel carry-clip stays tight for secure carry. Form and function are neatly packaged at the ready for your world. No tough decisions here- it’s automatic.

Blade Length: 3.18"                                           Blade Thickness: 0.100"
Blade Material: 154CM                                        Blade Hardness: 58-60
Blade Style: Modified Drop-Point                        Weight: 2.42oz.
Clip: Silver, Removable, Tip-Up                          Lock Mechanism: Auto Open w/ Safety
Overall Length: 7.20"                                         Closed Length: 4.02"
Sheath Material: Sold Separately                      Class: Black

RETAIL PRICE:        $185.00        3200 & 3200S                                                                          RETAIL PRICE:        $195.00        3200SBT


Bench Made Model 3550 Pardue Automatic If you're looking for an auto-open folder with low-profile that readily delivers the edge when you need it- the Model 3550 Auto is a great choice. This efficient design with its Spear-Point blade and slimmed down lines works well as a boot knife or for convenient concealed carry with the use of the steel carry-clip. The blade and machined aircraft aluminum handle are symmetrical in shape and fit the hand naturally over a variety of grip styles. A convex contour in the handle shape along with the grip-grooves make it easy to maintain a strong hold even when wet. The Model 3550 has the feel and function of a well engineered sports car with the style and poise of a stealth fighter on mission-ready alert.

Blade Length: 2.95"                                        Blade Thickness: 0.090"
Blade Material: 154CM SS                              Blade Hardness: 58-60
Blade Style: Spear-Point                                Weight: 2.90oz.
Clip: Black, Removable, Tip-Down                 Lock Mechanism: Auto Open w/ Safety
Overall Length: 7.10"                                     Closed Length: 4.20"
Sheath Material: Sold Separately                  Class: Black

RETAIL PRICE:        $190.00            3550 & 3550S                                                                        RETAIL PRICE:        $200.00            3550BK & 3550SK



BenchMade Model 5000 Auto-Presidio Pardue is the ultimate in functional synergy. Single-hand ambidextrous, auto open function. It’s an unbeatable combination of the Benchmade automatic and patented AXIS™ mechanisms. Positive blade release is achieved with either hand by drawing the AXIS™ thumb-button back and firing the blade open. To close, simply draw the button back and fold the blade closed. A simple integrated safety is easily actuated to lock the blade open or closed. Secure grip is had with a unique two-directional tread machined into the aluminum handle scales. Movable steel carry-clip clips in for action. Your world demands performance at a moment’s notice, and the 5000 delivers full on!

Blade Length: 3.42"                                                Blade Thickness: 0.129"
Blade Material: 154CM SS                                      Blade Hardness: 58-60
Blade Style: Drop-Point or Trainer                          Weight: 5.62oz.

Clip: Black, Reversible, Tip-Up                                Lock Mechanism: Auto-AXIS™ w/ Safety
Overall Length: 8.25"                                              Closed Length: 4.87"
Sheath Material: Sold Separately                            Class: Black

RETAIL PRICE:        $225.00        5000 & 5000S                                                                            RETAIL PRICE:        $235.00        5000SBK


BenchMade Model 9050 AFO Automatic is in an elite class of proven tools on active duty throughout all branches of the Armed Forces the world over. Effortless, single-hand rapid deployment of a utility ridden blade design. Tough blade steel gets sharp and stays there longer. Integrated safety is easily actuated to lock the blade open or closed. Formidable, machined aluminum handle fills the hand with grip. Movable steel carry-clip for versatile/accessible carry. Comes with hooded, ballistic nylon sheath for belt or lashed carry. Dependable form and function are crucial to success in the extremes of your world- the 9050 is always mission ready.

NSN 1095-01-446-4348
Note to Military personnel: Benchmade labels the Military issued version of this knife as a Model 9053. These model numbers represent the exact same knife.

Blade Length: 3.75"                                            Blade Thickness: 0.125"
Blade Material: 154CM SS                                  Blade Hardness: 58-60
Blade Style: Utility                                               Weight: 4.85oz.

Clip: Black, Removable, Tip-Up                          Lock Mechanism: Auto Open w/ Safety
Overall Length: 8.46"                                        Closed Length: 4.71"
Sheath Material: Cordura Nylon                        Class: Black

RETAIL PRICE:        $235.00


BenchMade 14150 Tactical Fixed Blade featuring a commanding 5.0’’ Drop-Point blade. Featuring a 60/40-combo-edge formed from 440C high chromium stainless steel, the HK50’s blade is protected by a durable, non-reflective black Xylan® blade coating that exceeds ASTM-117 specifications for saltwater corrosion resistance. The tactical form and function of this knife is enhanced through the creation of the grip handle, as well. Machined of G10, an extremely durable multi-layer composite impervious to liquids or climatic change, the unique texture of the scales provides a glue-like grip in any environment.

Blade Length: 5.00"                                Blade Thickness: 0.150"
Blade Material: 440C                               Blade Hardness: 58-60HRC
Blade Style: Drop-Point                           Weight: 8.40oz.

Clip: Sheath Included                              Lock Mechanism: Fixed
Overall Length: 9.90"                             Closed Length: 9.90"
Sheath Material: Ambidextrous, Reinforced Cordura® Nylon
Class: Heckler & Koch

RETAIL PRICE:        $180.00


SureFire, L.L.C.

We stock the most popular SureFire Lights such as the G2, 6P, Z2, E2D Defender, M3, and M6 most of the time and have immediate access to most all models. (See Firearms Accessory Section for Weapons Mounted Lights)

SureFire Model 6P Original

SureFire Model 9P Original

SureFire Model Z2 Combat Light

SureFire Model G2 Nitrolon

SureFire Model G3 Nitrolon

SureFire Model E2D Defender

SureFire Model A2 Aviator

Surefire Model E1E Executive

SureFire Model E2E Executive


NOVA Technologies Stun Devices and Riot Control Equipment

Nova XR 5000 Police Special provides 75,000 Volts with 17 to 22 pulses per second at 3 to 6 milliamps equivalent. The Police Special features , rounded probes to prevent cuts, proven XR-5000 technology and maintenance free lithium battery. Made in the U.S.A. and serial numbered for ease in tracking.

Nova Spirit Provides  50,000 Volts, with 17 to 22 pulses per second at 3 to 6 milliamps equivalent. The Spirit features rounded probes to prevent cuts, proven XR-5000 technology, and maintenance free lithium battery. Made in U.S.A.

.Nova XR 5000 Provides 50,000 VOLTS, with 17 to 22 pulses per second at 3 to 6 milliamps equivalent. The XR 5000 features rounded probes to prevent cuts, proven XR-5000 technology, and uses a Standard 9 volt battery. Made in U.S.A.

Monadnock PR24 Batons

Monadnock PR24STS One piece polycarbonate side handle standard law enforcement baton. Baton is 1.25 inches in diameter and features a molded trumbull stop handle, has a length of  24 inches and weighs 24 oz.



ASP Batons

Uncle Mikes Duty Gear and Holsters

Bianchi Duty Gear and Holsters

Gerber Knives and Multi-Tools

Leatherman Multi-tool

Smith & Wesson, Hiatt's, and Peerless Handcuffs

Pelican Lights & Cases

Sage International, Ltd Law Enforcement and Security Products


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