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"When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best"

AccuCast, Inc. uses the highest quality lead alloys that are consistently alloyed by Metalico, Inc. in the manufacture of their quality hard cast lead bullets. No scrap or recovered lead is ever used by AccuCast in the manufacture of our bullets. Consistency in every step of bullet manufacture is essential to accuracy and performance. For our standard hard cast bullets an alloy of 92% lead, 2% tin, and 6% antimony is used. This alloy results in an air-cooled bullet that reaches a minimum hardness of 18 on the Brinell scale. Every lot of bullets is tested to ensure consistent hardness. With this hardness AccuCast standard bullets can be used to velocities in the 1200 to 1300 fps range without significant barrel leading. Harder bullets are available on request.

The finest and most uniform molds are used, with a number of traditional and LBT bullet styles available in calibers from .38 to .475. After casting all bullets are inspected for defects or damage before they are sized and lubed. High quality lube is critical to avoid leading at maximum pressures and velocities. Here again, AccuCast uses the best products that have proven to be reliable.

Producing a quality product is the primary operating premise of our company. We stand behind our products. If you are not satisfied with AccuCast Bullets simply return them for a refund. No Questions Asked.

AccuCast, Inc. provides a small selection of extremely high quality bullets for the handgun hunter and target shooter. Our goal is to provide a small variety of the most often used bullet designs and weight having a proven track record of performance and reliability. Unlike many of our competition we do not strive to offer the widest selection of bullets, only the best selection. This has been accomplished by extensive research on the effectiveness of many styles and weights of bullets in many different firearms. It has been our determination that the bullet configurations we offer are best and most effective in each caliber.

AccuCast bullets in both the semi wadcutter design and the LBT design are idea for hunting all sizes of game and are equally as effective as a personal defense load.

Our bullets are currently produced in.38, .41, .44, .45, .475,.45/70. We are evaluating the inclusion of larger caliber handgun bullets in both .500 and .511 diameter as well as large caliber rifle bullets up to .700 Caliber.

Key Benefits

bulletConsistent Quality
bulletExtreme Accuracy
bulletSuperior Penetration


Description SKU # Price/C
.38 Cal. 160 Grain SWC CLB-38-1 8.49
.41 Cal. 210 Grain SWC CLB-41-1 9.49
.44 Cal. 240 Grain SWC CLB-44-1 9.49
.45 Cal. 260 Grain SWC CLB-45-1 10.49
.45 Cal. 320 Grain LFN CLB-45-2 13.49
.45/70 Cal. 405 Grain CLB-45-3 14.49
.475 Cal., 405 Grain WFN CLB-475-1 14.49



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